Welcome to the world of TMNT and Stranger Things

In the mid-80’s there was an explosion of technology development. For the first time in history, humankind began to understand the genetic codes and had the ability to manipulate it. What if such manipulations (both intentional and accidental) were allowed to be carried out with little regulations or oversight? What if the technology to alter the genetic code extended to all types of animals and could produce? How would the products of the experiments be treated by their creators and how would they survive in a human world?

The world of TMNT and Stranger Things is a world where these questions have been answered. It is a world set in the 1980’s where mega-corporations have experimented with numerous types of genetic modifications in an attempt to make the world a better place, at least for them. Many mutant animals have been created in secret, unknown to the general public. Those that have found their freedom are now attempting to survive in a human world.

Mutant animals are not alone in the world. The same advances in technology that created them also allowed all other types of super-beings to be created, some good, some not. The world is filled with Ninja’s, Bionics, Robots, Aliens and Spies with high-tech gadgets.

T.N.M.T. and Stranger Things